for Darien/Rowayton and nearby areas

Buy Local Online. Our local businesses need our help now!  We credit OneWestport with this idea (and much of the mission statement below).  They have had over 15,000 visitors to their site.  We have decided to launch our own similar effort here in Darien and Rowayton. 

 We've are attempting to create a comprehensive list of local businesses with links to purchase gift cards online (or via phone or email) to use tomorrow or in six months!  Remember restaurants are suffering yes but all retailers are feeling it so please remember all categories.

Click on the appropriate category above and buy a gift certificate from them.  It is easy but this is a work in progress.  Please bear us as we refine it all.  Even better, send us a note an offer to help.  This is a grassroots effort. and Sound Watch News do not profit from any purchases in any way.  Business can reach out to be included at