Buy Local Online. Our local businesses need our help now!  We credit OneWestport with this idea (and much of the mission statement below) and decided to launch our own similar effort here in Darien and Rowayton. and Sound Watch News does not profit from any purchases in any way. 


Our local retailers have real costs now.  These are our friends, neighbors, relatives.  Entrepreneurs that make our communities what they are.  They need to make payroll, cover normal expenses, and pay rent.  Buying gift cards now for use later can help our local businesses manage this near-term cash-crunch and get through this incredibly tough and unprecedented time.  Restaurants offering takeout are great to support but also remember the other retailers hit by this.  Buying gift cards direct can be the lifeline that gets them through.


We are working to create a list of local businesses with links to purchase gift cards online (or via phone or email) to use tomorrow or in six months!  From sporting goods to sushi, furniture to flowers, paintings to pasta, and clothing to cupcakes, our local retailers sell everything and anything.  Purchase a gift card today for use in the future to purchase a birthday gift, an anniversary gift, or simply an everyday purchase for your family.  


We’ve done the work and assembled the list. All you need to do is click and you’ll be re-directed to each business’s site to purchase a gift certificate.  


If no online option exists, we’ve are working to list email addresses and/or phone numbers. This is more time consuming for us so please be patient.  If a business wants advice on how to add gift card functionality to their website we can share what we have learned over the last few days.

Together, we can make the difference for our local retailers!

This is meant to be an inclusive list of all local businesses.  It will be updated to the best of our efforts.  If you want to add a business to this resource or want to help in this effort in any way please email